How strong is your bone Against Osteoporosis Disease

Assessing Your Risk and Testing for Bone Loss Are 

Thee Keys to Diagnosing Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis DiagnosisOsteoporosis is a conceivably devastating ailment portrayed by low bone mass (thickness) and decay of bone tissue. The condition prompts expanded bone delicacy and danger of break – frequently at the spine, wrist or hip.

Osteoporosis does not grow overnight. You can lose bone mass consistently for a long time without encountering any manifestations or indications of the infection until a bone breaks. Consequently, osteoporosis is regularly called "the noiseless criminal" – truly taking our bone mass without giving us any sign at all. In the event that osteoporosis is first analyzed at the time a break happens, it is as of now genuinely progressed.

  • Early location of bone misfortune, subsequently, is basic in counteracting osteoporotic breaks. This area is intended to enable you to evaluate your danger of osteoporosis so you may make preventive move


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